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Windows 10 Installation failed - Solution

Windows 10 Installation failed – [Solution]

Check out the video Instruction at the bottom (Click here to watch the video instructions)

Solution: This is a common error when you try to upgraded from older version Windows to 10.

Search on the start search bar (Press F2 to get the search bar) for “CMD”, right click on it and select “Run as administrator” (Please make sure to open the CMD as admin)

Type “slmgr -upk” and press enter, then type “slmgr -cpky” press enter button again (There is a space between the "slmgr" and the "-" )

Now Go to your Local drive C and look for “ESD” Folder

Make a new folder in C Drive and move that “ESD” Folder inside that new folder

Now Go to New Folder > ESD > Windows, you will see “setup” file there

Double click on the “setup” file
Click “Change how windows setup downloads updates”

Select “Not right now” and click Next

Enter your purchased key and click next

Accept the Terms condition

Click on “Install” Button

It will begin the installation process and complete all the necessary steps automatically for you.
It may take around 10 to 20 min (Depend on computer power) to complete the full process, don’t worry if it takes more than that, that’s usual as well.

Video Instruction

Updated on: 19/01/2023

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